Kolkata – Party begins!

It was worth it! First thing I felt was sunshine and warm air upon finally stepping out of the airport. I arrived, after a winding drive through the city, at the Sahu household. Home to Neha (Priyesh's wife)'s family. The apartment complex is beautiful and they've given two other apartments for the entire family where … Continue reading Kolkata – Party begins!


tid-bits of the day: PUSH THE GEEZER!!!

....And you'll get warm water." "WHAT?" "Just push the geezer!" "Geezer?? NOW YOU TELL ME!???" Apparently, there are a number of things in India that aren't exactly obvious to me... After a little over a week (during my third visit to this house) I find out that, in fact, all I needed to do was … Continue reading tid-bits of the day: PUSH THE GEEZER!!!