Inhaaaale… Exhaaaaaale

YOGA this morning and finally starting to come out of the jetlag stupor I have been in for the last couple of days. The problem has not been the time difference so much as the climate difference. During the day it’s about 60 something degrees (especially nice in the sunshine) but at night it drops to around 50 degrees… Sounds nice, especially compared to the 20 something all my New York dwelling clan are facing now, BUT, I assure you, there is a major difference complicating the matter: There is no heat in any of the houses/buildings. Meaning, the drop in temperature at night is actually quite drastic – no 70 degree bedrooms to be found. In our skype call my mother asks, “What do they do to keep warm?” I reply, “Clothing. Layers upon layers. and BLANKETS.” Yoga instructor: Inhaaaaaaale…. Exhaaaaaaale (insert Indian accent here).

So, morning tea and yoga helped. Now I am lazing about, sunning on the porch, reading the Hindustan Times and listening to the soundtrack of life… birds chirping, horns beeping, motorcycles n ‘scooty’s’ puttering past, clanking pots, tinkling of cycle bells and the echoes of Hindi chatter scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Some pictures of the family:

The favorite past time of my buggie beta (my little cousin rachel) Dancing with the Stars – Indian Style.

The Family reunites! Yash Jiju and Priti Didi came to visit me – I woke up long enough to welcome them and take some pictures. We’ll go to their place for dinner tonight.

Dhruv and Champu Chacha hanging out on the night I arrived (cousin and Uncle).

Priti Di and ME – so happy to see her!

As the yoga teacher says: “Inhaaaaaaale… Exhaaaaale” and everything will be fine. 🙂

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