tid-bits of the day: PUSH THE GEEZER!!!

….And you’ll get warm water.” “WHAT?” “Just push the geezer!” “Geezer?? NOW YOU TELL ME!???”

Apparently, there are a number of things in India that aren’t exactly obvious to me… After a little over a week (during my third visit to this house) I find out that, in fact, all I needed to do was to push the geezer to get hot water in my shower. Apparently the geezer is not an old person, but a switch that, you guessed it, turns on the hot water for the shower. Of course, this geezer is not inside the bathroom, let alone near the tap or shower head… In fact, the geezer hangs out all by itself… in the kitchen.

Here’s the thing, as a respectful guest of the house, I wouldn’t step out of the bathroom after turning the water all the way to ‘hot’, and say, “Hey, this shower is freezing! Where’s the hot water???”. I just assumed, as a smart little American, that if the hot water wasn’t coming out, there must not be any left! At least it’s not a bucket shower, right? I wasn’t going to be RUDE! Silly me… all I had to do was PUSH THE GEEZER! (button?)…

Here’s another tid-bit from my day today: Auto-rickshaw wallahs have their own language… the horn. When I drive at home, I curse and yell at the driver in front of me, next to me, to the side etc… Below is the translation of what the rickshaw wallah really means (enter expletives wherever you deem necessary).


HONK Get out of the way, I’m coming through!

HOOooooooOOOOOOoonnnnk Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPMOVEEEEE! Goooo already! You have a ton of space in front of you, just GO!

Honk Honk!Look, I’m here – don’t put your motorbike there, I’m already in this little nook between the bus and the car.

Honk HOnk HONK – (After you’ve passed someone doing something stupid) THAT WAS STUPID!

Beep beep! – Hi, Hello! Let’s  not have a head on collision.

Beep beep beep. – (after you’ve passed someone that you almost collided with) Good, we didn’t crash. Keep it moving.

They shake their heads and give looks but no words escape the lips of the rickshaw wallah! (Unless he’s arguing over a price, but even then he’ll just shake his head…) These guys definitely have more confidence than most of the other drivers on the road out there. They may be the smallest, but I think their horns are the loudest!

HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!! Hope you got to see the full moon eclipse!

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