Good morning and Happy New Year!

Well, the long awaited New Years Eve has come and gone, and with it, 2010. I remember entering the year 2000 and thinking how far off anything beyond 2010 seemed. But here it is, a new decade has begun! For me, 2010 was a huge year of transition. My first blog post alluded to the major changes and transformations that have happened for me this year but here are some of my highlights: New Years of 2010 was pretty amazing; Meeting Cheryl on Feb. 16th – quite the game changer; EFLI – what an incredible week; Signing on the cottage; Spending time with friends; Prospects of a new job opportunity; Coming to India!!

And on that note, what you’ve all been waiting for.. Where did I end up for New Years Eve??? As you might imagine, we were still changing the plans up until the last minute. Goa? Kathmandu? Mussoorie? Delhi? Would everyone be together? Even after I had settled into accepting my booked flight of returning to Delhi on Jan. 3rd (meaning I would be in Kolkata for New Years) I knew that since a lot of the family members couldn’t make it to Kolkata due to the cancelled flights, I would have a tough decision ahead of me. On the morning of the 31st, Raja decided to buy a ticket and leave that day but… I decided to stay with my heroes and sheroes here in Kolkata! Changing the flight would have been expensive and I didn’t want to be back in an airport on New Years EVE!

So, the run down – we had a private party at a local club. Saw a movie (did you know that in India movies have INTERVALS?! Meaning, they PAUSE the movie mid-stream for snacks and stretching – amazing). Had a picnic… at a farmhouse. That deserves an explanation. When someone said Farmhouse to me, I’m thinking… ok, a barn of some kind, possibly an open area – I’m also thinking, what do you eat at a picnic here (because we don’t eat beef or pork)? So, after a one hour drive, we arrive at a beautiful white villa with an open area. The place is surrounded by palm trees and is like an oasis just outside the city. Everywhere you look there are waterfalls, statues surrounded by gardens, landscaped areas to relax in and a tree house overlooking the entire place. Trays of catered food are set up all along one end and tables and chairs are ready for everyone to use (no picnic blankets)! We break out the cricket bats, badminton racquets and  start playing all types of games. One of which was holding a spoon in your mouth and balancing a marble while running across a small field. HA. HA. The weather was sunny and gorgeous – a light breeze through the palm trees. It was amazing.

For 31st night, we went to one of the oldest clubs in Calcutta – called Tollygunge Club. It’s like a country club with an expansive golf course. The place was set up with a dance floor, huge lit up tent and tables and chairs. It was more of a family affair but a lot of fun. We hung out and danced through the New Year – we brought about 40 people with us. We stayed up late – more street food..  and driving through the streets of Kolkata. Today, I took a taxi ride to the center city mall – completely open air but a mall with covered spaces – (impossible to explain)! I love seeing all of the different styles of dress, stalls to put mendhi or have chai, and Indian style KFC – (it’s actually really good here!!). Being here has been an incredible experience, I have gotten to know some awesome people and a beautiful family who have been extremely gracious hosts. I am soooo thankful!!!!!

I will now get ready for the last night with the Heroes and Sheroes of India in Kolkata – we will celebrate Neha’s birthday tonight! I hope everyone had a wonderful new year’s eve and I wish everyone a bright, loving, peaceful and happy new year!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” – T.S. Eliot (the daily love)

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