The Power of Pleasure

Morning plenary Experiences of Resistance and Collective Organizing to Transform Economic Power showed how different grassroots movements across the globe have been challenging the current overarching system. Plenary take aways: Include men. Given from the rural organizing perspective: when women are meeting to organize themselves - men tend to step aside - we have to educate … Continue reading The Power of Pleasure


Little Krikor

It's amazing... the experiences we just stumble upon.... The exquisite taste of turkish tea in a little han behind the main streets.... After all of my friends (Cheryl, Reisa, Nicole - my new friend from the forum) left, I began my explorations by walking down the main pedestrian pathway. I eventually found myself in a … Continue reading Little Krikor

AWID Forum Day 1

Initial thoughts while still IN the experience of the 2012 AWID Forum in Istanbul Turkey: OVERWHELMING! Each day has started off with a morning plenary featuring a number of speakers and somehow fitting 2,245 people (huge % women) in the large Halic auditorium. The center is beautiful, overlooking the Golden Horn river. First day: Completely … Continue reading AWID Forum Day 1

Wheels up! Off to ISTANBUL

ARRIVAL. The context: AWID [Association for Women's Rights in Development] is having it's 12th International Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. 2012 theme : Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice. The forum will last for four days and rumor has it that 2,200 participants have been flying in from across the globe to attend. I am … Continue reading Wheels up! Off to ISTANBUL