Release and Let Flow. Presencing Global Forum 2012

The Presencing Institute describes itself as an awareness-based action research community for profound societal innovation and change. On June 18th and 19th, 2012, the Presencing Institute held it's second Presencing Global Forum. A leader of this movement, Otto Scharmer, co-author of Presence and author of Theory U has found a way to encapsulate the work of … Continue reading Release and Let Flow. Presencing Global Forum 2012


Yoga Fest Berlin

I have now learned how to count to 10 in German.... That still hasn't really helped, HOWEVER, I have learned to recognize landmarks and my mother pointed out that at least the alphabet isn't some kind of Cyrillic that I can't read. 🙂 The public transit system here is amazing. I mean, really. Saturday's early … Continue reading Yoga Fest Berlin