Jetting to Berlin

There are maybe three/four words that I know in German. Wilkomen (welcome) ich verstehe (I understand) Wunderbar (Wonderful) Gute nacht (good night… Which, I guess are two words which could potentially be used separately). Do I think that it’s going to get me through the YOGAFESTIVAL I’m about to try and find? Probably not.

Purpose of this Berlin adventure: To attend the Presencing global forum on the 18th and 19th and join the Theory U Masterclass for our final class module.

What I’m excited for:

  • This apparent yoga festival and the opportunity to see my uncle, Sadhu Maharaja. He is currently traveling through Europe sharing his teachings and I’m hoping to get a chance to see him! He has this amazing light hearted and peaceful energy that I love being around. It’s contagious. Slight sadness as an opportunity: left my yoga mat at home (boo) leaving me the opportunity to get a new GERMAN yoga mat!!
  • Meeting the Gen Y Lab group on Sunday. Part of being able to attend the 2nd Presencing Global Forum has meant that I have been able to be a part of the Gen Y Lab and we will have the opportunity to meet Sunday evening.
  • Spending time with Eileen, Sasha and Susan Schor. Moving through any kind of U process and traveling in another country both present amazing opportunities for deepening our relationships and bonding our connections!
  • Being fully engaged and present for the duration of this week in a way that only really happens when I engage with the presencing/theory U community.

Off to try and find the yoga festival! More to come…..

3 thoughts on “Jetting to Berlin

  1. Dear Antoinette,
    You are in my thoughts. You approach new and challenging opportunities as such adventure. I admire your spirit.
    I will follow your posts. Have fun and happy trails.

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