Yoga Fest Berlin

I have now learned how to count to 10 in German….
That still hasn’t really helped, HOWEVER, I have learned to recognize landmarks and my mother pointed out that at least the alphabet isn’t some kind of Cyrillic that I can’t read. 🙂
The public transit system here is amazing. I mean, really.

Saturday’s early morning arrival necessitated a few hours of sleep which was seemingly going to be impossible until I bumped into Marian Goodman, one of the hosts of the Presencing Global Forum in my hotel. She kindly loaned me her hotel room for the day and I got to take much needed rest.

I meant to pop over the Atlantic and head straight to the yoga festival to get my ‘asana’ on and see my uncle. First of all, it started raining, kiiinnnddaa put a damper on an outdoor yoga fest. Regardless, I boarded this cool double decker bus and went to Kladow. The great part of taking the bus was that I got a great tour of the city! I saw some of the major Berlin landmarks and drove through West Berlin….

Kept going… And going… Saw the countryside (sort of joking) and finally ended up getting off the bus in Kladow. Cool. (yea, I felt a little proud) The yoga festival was in this little world of it’s own… I felt transported. Paths led in and out of the tall trees and towards a body of water, seemingly a river…

Tents were set up around a main building where food and yoga related products were being sold.. But also where healers and gurus shared bits of their practice. A couple of larger shelter tents were up, giving people a place to relax and be. Some had mats out, some were practicing flying yoga poses… The whole thing reminded me of a late night at the cottage. Chanting was happening off in the main building while a lecture was being given on freedom (detachment from self/ego/materialism) in a huge tent by the water. I began my search for my uncle, in some cases asking if anyone had seen a jolly man with a beard and orange robes…. But someone (who spoke English) jokingly responded, there are quite a few people in orange robes here! I, of course, realized that perhaps the whole point was to stop the searching and just enjoy the being. So, I did. And I am. ‘Being’ and awakening to the fact that we are ‘being’ all the time, is what ‘presencing’ is all about!

Embrace the Silence and BE

Amazing art from Presencing Institute Masterclass Harvest by Kelvy Bird

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