Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I’ve been thinking a bit about #beauty and #influence… Why do people (women) associate beauty with power? Is it Darwinian? Survival of the fittest? Does humanity really boil down to science with humans at the top of an animalistic food chain?

I’ve been wondering about that and the ‘essence of being’ lately. During my work with the Presencing Institute, I came to feel that the ‘source’ or the field was a web of love – one which we are all a part. I still feel that (especially when I re-awaken from Savasana – yogic corpse pose). That it is necessary  to tap into that deep source that lies within us as human beings in order to appreciate and share in the true beauties of life. Yet, we live in a world where that is not ever present or clear. Beauty becomes a bargaining chip, a power play, a claim to fame and a dollar sign. It becomes devalued and under-appreciated.. and then a cheap knock off of beauty comes out and it’s close enough to the real thing, so we give up a little piece of our values and accept and accept and accept. Young women (I refer to this demographic because I see it due to my particular line of work) especially fall prey to the societal ideals of beauty – the #feminist world calls that: the sexualization of young women (objectification of women/men/people). And yet, this clamor for beauty… make up, string bikinis, tanning salons, flat irons etc…  is it just a young woman clamoring for power in a society that makes her believe this is the only way?

What do we as a society need to do in order to revalue or begin to value and appreciate things like authenticity, emotions, joy, freedom… and see the beauty in all of it?  When do those aspects of ‘being’ become valued, beautiful, powerful? How do we shift our language, our conversation, our way of speaking to each other, and move it towards valuing those things…?

When people speak of a change that is coming, I deep down have hope. Hope that we can create that profound shift within ourselves, within mySelf. So that when I wake up in the morning, I feel the beauty and the power in each and every one of us… and know that you feel it too.

Some places to start: Presencing Sacred Economics Circle Way It Happens Spark

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