Vibrating into Stillness

Today was a day of vibrations. So often I hear the words tossed around: good vibes, bad vibes, vibrate at a higher frequency… etc.

This morning I woke up late due to daylight savings, missing the morning yoga class I was looking forward to all week. I decided to follow yogi Sinda and try to make it to her next offering at a gym just a little further away. I took my time and left a little earlier than I normally would for a yoga class, switching on the radio and hearing the beats of Calvin Harris/Florence and the Machine ‘Sweet Nothing’. I immediately thought… wow, 15 years ago this would NOT have been playing on mainstream radio stations – the song has a steady techno beat that increases in a pulsing rhythm that sort of takes over everything. I’ve kinnnnddd of loved this rhythm since I was a kid – the bass line made me feel like there’s something bigger than me, something bigger than what already exists. I loved (and sometimes still love) turning the volume up and letting the pulse/vibrations take over.

I arrived at the yoga class. Yoga with Sinda is a life changing experience… her voice somehow brings me back to myself and I am motivated and inspired to be my best self through her classes (I can’t say that about all yoga teachers). As we moved into tadasana (mountain pose), she asked us to imagine each and every cell within us working to get our bodies to a place of stillness. Her simple request sent shivers through my body, every cell vibrating at its highest frequency to bring my every muscle to stand tall and unmoving. It made me think of the work that we do as humans on this earth, to bring ourselves into equilibrium – to a place of happiness (I think of happiness regarding the GNH Lab – see earlier posts). Perhaps happiness is that place of stillness, calm, peace, serenity. When we are forced too far out of that state (in whichever direction) we become imbalanced… I see our daily Work, as humans, is to keep bringing ourselves back into that state of equilibrium… on both an individual and societal level.

I met up with Cheryl later and we went to a Flamenco performance. There were two guitarists, a cellist, a vocalist and five dancers in the Juan Siddi Theatre Company. The dancers stomped and swirled across the stage, the musicians strummed their instruments and clapped keeping the rhythm – the audience was captivated. At one moment at the end of his solo, cellist, Michael Kott, lifted his instrument and let his bow cross the strings one final time while shaking the cello at the audience – letting the vibrations flow out to the audience and the sound reverberate in our ears.

It was an outstanding moment. As I watched the cello and guitar strings vibrate throughout the performance, the sounds and thoughts in my mind sorted their way back to a piano string. I once learned that a piano was developed to encompass all the sounds of the musical instruments. It reminded me of human attempts to encapsulate the vibrations and control them. It reminds me of what we do with life. We try and control the vibrations, bringing them together towards one common thread. I think of the evolution of music (especially ‘popular’ music, like what I heard on the radio this morning) and how, over time, it seems to have sped up and added more and more layers… perhaps it represents human attempts to vibrate at higher frequencies. It could also be seen as an amalgamation of what happens when we put all of our vibrations together. Like the yogic example: all the cells in a human body,  vibrating so close at such high speed, work together to make the body still.

A definition of vibration:
the oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium.

Among other things, Sinda’s voice and my own yoga practice guide me. I wonder if life – the course of the universe, of humanity, of social interaction and each human life from birth to death, is a matter of vibration.. (or a vibration of matter.. haha). We’ve been forced out of equilibrium for a period of time and we are constantly seeking to return to it. We are constantly working to come back into stillness.

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