Boarding Gate Real Estate

Exploration continues! It always seems to have a little early morning/late night airport adventure…

This morning I gave up prime boarding gate real estate for a stroll through Duty Free. Granted, while the sun was rising in Berlin, my phone read 1:56 am at home. So, despite the fact that I slept through the whole hop across the pond, I wasn’t exactly in my right mind.

What exactly is prime boarding gate real estate? There are two options. 1) Window seat that looks out over the planes arriving and departing. So close that you can see the little wheels of the plane touch down and marvel that wheels that little hold up an object that large… OR 2) Close to the gate entry point to make sure you are the first person on line, and in the plane (to avoid the perpetual fear that the plane might not have enough overhead storage for YOUR luggage *elbowspassenger*).

Either way, the sun has risen in Berlin and I’m one row behind watching the planes take off. Next stop: Zurich!

#sunrise #sunset #traveller who knows #airports #intlflights #hoppinthepond

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