Adventures begin again!

Happy New Year! It’s new years day and I just checked in my bags, breezed through security and am relaxing at the spa in JFK.  Who says you can’t enjoy the journey?

2016 is set to be an amazing year (perhaps because I spent most of the last few months of 2015 planning for it)! I’m about to set forth on a journey of approximately 36 hours of air travel, visits to two incredible countries: India and Japan (each of which could use months to really explore) and a trip that will circle the globe – in about 17 days. 

I’m still amazed that I have the opportunity to do things like these, to deepen the work that feels meaningful, see family, and explore a new country.  I’m grateful and also hopeful that this trip will nurture the seedlings planted in both the India project with Handloom weavers and with the potential for furthering women’s empowerment in


Enjoying the journey


As much as it is surely about these destinations and all the great things that may transpire in them, I’m finding all the little ways to enjoy the journey.



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