Hello, from the other side…



The last few nights were another side of life in India.  Often (mainly when I’m in compartmentalized America mindset)  India becomes the land of contradictions or of countless dualities. Village life vs city life, poverty vs wealth (mental and spiritual wealth being inversely tied to one another), strength vs power, old vs new, even heat of spice vs cooling foods…. There are so many of these that are so clear for me in India, perhaps because I’m in observation and travel mode. Taking it in with each of my senses.

The beauty, as it all blurs together, is that it becomes clear to me how completely and intricately connected each of the dualities are, how they couldn’t exist one without the other.  Sometimes these truths stay hidden for me in America as I meet each day within the context of my life and upbringing there. I love the experience of letting go and immersing in India, reading and experiencing stories of the hundreds and thousands of years of history in the cities and on the land and the reminder of what it is to see the world each day through fresh eyes.

This visit was no exception and the visits to the cities of Kolkata and Delhi were heightened even more by having Jado on the journey (even fresher eyes) and due to the love and open hearts of family.

And then… off to Japan! Bye for now, India! Thanks for all the love 🙂



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