Boarding Gate Real Estate

Exploration continues! It always seems to have a little early morning/late night airport adventure... This morning I gave up prime boarding gate real estate for a stroll through Duty Free. Granted, while the sun was rising in Berlin, my phone read 1:56 am at home. So, despite the fact that I slept through the whole … Continue reading Boarding Gate Real Estate

Diwali in India! Light over darkness

Light over dark. Good over evil. Today marks the festival of Diwali and thousands upon thousands of people will be celebrating across the world.  This year is the first year I am celebrating Diwali in India! It feels like a magical time for some reason. Perhaps it's the lights dripping from every corner of every … Continue reading Diwali in India! Light over darkness

The Royal Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Flying into and out of Bhutan is much like the journey within the country itself. Upon descent into the city of Paro (nearby to the capital, Thimpu) the airplane must twist and turn to make its way through the Himalayan mountain range that pokes through the clouds. The planes wings almost brush the ground and … Continue reading The Royal Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan