Unimagined Freedom

The faint smell of cigarette smoke.  It pervades the whole apartment.  I notice it in little pockets as I pad back and forth barefoot, alone.  The floors creak slightly and I know how old the building is.  I think of my mother's Upper West Side NYC apartment in the eighties. I wonder, sometimes, if I … Continue reading Unimagined Freedom



I sit in the airport lounge wrapped in swaths of blue cotton fabric. The ceiling has giant symbols that look like modern hindi letters but because of their blown up and distorted size, they have no message, just decoration. I left the United States just ten days ago and just six days following the electoral … Continue reading Perspective

Japan For the First Time

I wrote this post while in Japan. It was my first visit and filled with it's ups and downs (mostly ups). I'm still processing the experience. I think part of the difficulty was traveling from India to Japan. India is filled with so much vibrancy, energy, vibrations, constant flow, sounds, and constant color. To me, … Continue reading Japan For the First Time

Hello, from the other side…

  The last few nights were another side of life in India.  Often (mainly when I'm in compartmentalized America mindset)  India becomes the land of contradictions or of countless dualities. Village life vs city life, poverty vs wealth (mental and spiritual wealth being inversely tied to one another), strength vs power, old vs new, even … Continue reading Hello, from the other side…

Boarding Gate Real Estate

Exploration continues! It always seems to have a little early morning/late night airport adventure... This morning I gave up prime boarding gate real estate for a stroll through Duty Free. Granted, while the sun was rising in Berlin, my phone read 1:56 am at home. So, despite the fact that I slept through the whole … Continue reading Boarding Gate Real Estate